Quality Assured Boiler Inspection Services

Boiler Services and Inspection, LLC provides inspection service requirements to include the complete power complex.

  • BSI ServicesRecovery boilers inspections and all components associated with the equipment in the pulp and paper industries.
  • Visual boiler inspections, including hog fuel boiler inspections and fluidized boiler inspections
  • Power boilers including fossil fuel for utility and industrial customers. We also specialize in BFB and HRSG units in the non-paper industry.
  • Auxiliary equipment
  • Quality control
  • Code shop inspections
  • Solutions to welding problems including weld monitoring
  • Facility planning and scheduling
  • Provide outage management support and contractor coordination
  • Provide I&R/capital project QA, contractor coordination, shift management and safety observations.

Detailed Services

  • Detailed internal and external inspection, including auxiliary equipment.
  • Punchlist for critical work items.
  • Recommendations for both current and future repairs.
  • Required material list to accomplish our recommendations.
  • Detailed service report including photographs and electronic copy.
  • Detail AutoCAD drawings for report illustrations and mapping.
  • Complete non-destructive testing management and third-party onsite data analysis with our DATO service
  • Code material requirement and procurement.

Additional Services

  • Quality service and inspection of port cleaning and damper systems.
  • Monthly service contracts specific to customer’s requirements and will work with maintenance personnel to ensure proper protective maintenance is met.
  • Turnkey service packages, quarterly or annually, with trained personnel to ensure full potential of the equipment.
  • We offer equipment installation supervision to ensure timely schedules are met along with quality observation for the benefit of client’s best interest.
  • Boiler Rebuild Schedules, ASME Code repair verification, waterside inspections, furnace fireside inspections, boiler hanger evaluations, component assessments, component replacement planning, rigging evaluations, and smelt water explosion inspections
  • Monitoring NDE Data
  • Contractor Cost Reviews
  • Contractor Schedule Reviews

Borescope Inspection

BSI now offers bore scope inspections for the pulp and paper industry. We have trained personnel to ensure a thorough inspection of critical items. Inspection includes color DVD copies of the inspection for your records along with maps if required.

DATO (Data Analysis, Trending, and Optimization)

Boiler Services and Inspection, LLC now offers a complete NDT (non-destructive testing) management solution to our clients. This includes planning, third-party QA/QC onsite, and complete reporting. BSI provides technicians to analyze, review, organize, and report NDT data taken during outages. Our technicians collaborate with NDT labs to evaluate and ensure the quality and accuracy of all non-destructive testing completed during the outage. Benefits of using BSI DATO service:

  • Standardized, higher quality UT boiler inspections
  • Third-party data validation and analysis during outages
  • Color-coded, real-time reporting that is easy to read and understand
  • Ability to easily detect true wear patterns and erroneous data
  • Accurate wear rate analysis and trending
  • Future projections for predicting accurate prediction of problem areas in advance
  • Complete data review and planning for future outages
  • NDT inspection matrix development and review
  • Industry leading optimization services to save money